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Customer Support Management

Business Challenge: A management services providing company was battling to manage delays in client reported issues, human mistake in effectively grouping occurrences and coming about wastage of time by irrelevant people in support.

  • Language
  • Components
    NLP, Clustering, Supervised Learning
  • Cloud
    AWS (Sage-maker)
  • Address
    United States


Artificial Intelligence empowered based engine using NLP and machine learning for categorizing each ticket into pre-identified categories. A large data of existing support tickets with their relevant category was the key to effective categorization. 

AI Engine Results:

Tickets getting categorized to relevant personals, with speed and accuracy. 


Increment in net score for clients customer issues resolution time, decrease in misallocation of emails, and decrease in episode of the executive's staffing costs.

Client Success:

Client issues reporting support tickets was categorized with accuracy and speed. Optimized productivity of the support team by handling relative queries.